Brad has become a friend to the most critical lindy hop (swing) dancers in Western Canada, largely due to his excellent playing ability and amusing stage presence. While his acclaim is far under-rated, his colorful resume is accurate. He truly is one of the best trombonists in the world. He is one of increasingly fewer players who can accurately play in the early jazz styles. This era of 1910’s through 1940’s jazz is often given pittance by contemporary jazz players, but rarely fully understood. Brad truly understands how to ‘swing it’, and for that, Brad is well loved!

Birkley Wisniewski
Director, Sugar Swing



Brad Shigetta is one of the best Jazz trombone players alive today. His music comes straight from the golden age of big band jazz era and is presented in a classic style that anyone can enjoy. Brad is also one of the best band leaders for dancers because he knows how to keep the dance floor packed all night with his perfect selection of tempos and rhythms. His Jazz makes me happy and I can’t wait till I get to dance to his great music again!

Read Fenton (P.Eng)
President (Fmr.), Swing-Out Edmonton